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Raspberry Pi, Openelec and NordVPN problem - Heera - 02-01-2019

Hello all. I could use some guidance. I am running openElec/kodi on a Pi. I have a NordVPN account for my other systems and want to use it for the PI also. I followed the instruction to install OpenVPN on the  Showbox Tutuapp Vidmate Pi and entered my Nord credentials. The ssytem tells me it needs Killal and Pidof. I think Killal is working, I can't get it to install Pidof. Using Putty I logged into my Pi and tried to Apt-get it. didn't work. What options do I have? I am linux familiar, but not a power user. Be gentle and use small words. Or crayons.

RE: Raspberry Pi, Openelec and NordVPN problem - Coltar - 02-04-2019

Have you tried running OpenVPN on a full Raspberry system? Try SSH'ing into and just run OpenVPN on the processes -
I got OpenELEC running with Zomboided OpenVPN GUI. Here is a GitHub wiki on that -
Then just imported a config from NordVPN website to get it running.

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RE: Raspberry Pi, Openelec and NordVPN problem - jonymarker - 05-27-2020

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