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Oil and Gas Directory - cramerjohn004 - 02-25-2019

It is also OK to do nothing if you are happy to pay too much for your products and services. However, if the price gouging is increasing your stress levels-take action. It could be as simple as forwarding this article to another-creating your own articles. You could designate one day a week you will not consume gas or oil which would make a huge impact when others follow. This article is not about bringing the money changers to their knees but about motivating you to do something positive about something you don't like. It is about being powerful and demonstrating that power in your actions. And it is also about motivating others to do the same.

In the computer age it can all happen in a heartbeat. I have written Oil and Gas Directory this article and sent it out in my newsletter. Hundreds of thousands will read it on my site. I will forward it to over 400 article directories and to thousands of others on my email list. The article will go around the world in one day many times. You can do similar things. And while you are doing these things, you must know it's not about the oil companies or any other company-it is about you-it's all about you. You are making a statement for your own satisfaction and good. As the now famous line goes, "I'm Mad as Hell and I Won't take it Any Longer," do something for a change.