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Sound issues - alan09344 - 03-13-2019

Hi, I have been using OPENELEC for a few years with no issues.  I have a new TV Samsung QE55Q7FNA and i am connected to an older Yamaha ax763 amp through HDMI.  Although I have seen this topic covered numerous times I cannot seem to resolve it.  The centre channel appears to be off as no voices are coming through.  Background noise is present.  I have tried switching it to 2 channel with passthrough which doesn't work.  2 channel on it's own woks but well... It's 2 channel!  Any ideas what to change? Any helo would be much appreciated

RE: Sound issues - BenjaminMiller - 07-27-2019

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RE: Sound issues - BenjaminMiller - 08-30-2019

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RE: Sound issues - Zymurgy - 08-30-2019

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RE: Sound issues - zgdkqmep9347 - 09-10-2019

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RE: Sound issues - kltcpzkth22 - 10-20-2019

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