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Lash mapping for lash lovers - LashesAustralia - 03-14-2019

What is Eyelash Extension?

Lash Mapping will benefit everyone from beginners to the most experienced of LashArtists, this is your way of planning the perfect set of lashes for your clients. Its so simple just follow the 3 steps below

1. Start by putting your eye pads in place, you can still create a map using tape

2. Analyse your clients eyes, what shape, are they wide or narrow, deep set or hooded? These are important factors to consider before applying lashes, do you really want to apply heavy, long lashes to someone with small narrow shaped eyes? definitely not.

3. Using a pen begin by marking the placement of your chosen lash lengths, please dont be afraid to vary your thickness of lashes, I like to use a thinner lash for the inner lashes but that's just my preference.

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