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Get RS Cottontail Knight Armour & Carrot Lance in TH Undergrowth - coinsrsgoldsafe - 04-15-2019

New Treasure Hunter marketing - The Undergrowth is currently active until Apr fifteenth. During this TH promo, it is possible to gain Cottontail knight bridal party and the Carrot lance symbol, which can be used for the new RS Cottontail Knight Armour as well as Carrot lance.

Join in The actual Undergrowth Treasure Hunter promotional

As the latest Treasure Seeker promotion, The Undergrowth RuneScape is active now as well as runs until 23: fifty nine game time on Apr 15, 2019. During this period, the actual five chests are replace by a grid in the user interface, and you choose one tile for each Treasure Hunter key to succeed the new Cottontail Knight awards.
After choosing one ceramic tile, there is a chance of the jewel rarity or a mulitplier great tile. You can reset the actual grid during The Undergrowth RuneScape TH promotion when all of the tiles are cleared or even revealed.

Get new RuneScape Cottontail Knight Armour

There is a chance to gain some Cottontail knight tokens, which can be utilized to unlock the new RuneScape Cottontail Knight Armour (consisting from the helmet, chestplate, gauntlets, legplates and boots).
Cottontail Dark night helmet: unlocked by Cottontail Knight helmet token
Cottontail Knight chestplate: unlocked through Cottontail knight upper body symbol
Cottontail Knight gauntlets: revealed to you by Cottontail knight torso token
Cottontail Knight legplates: unlocked by Cottontail dark night lower body token
Cottontail Knight boots: unlocked through Cottontail knight lower entire body token

In addition , there is also a opportunity to get the Carrot lance symbol during this promotion. The Carrot lance token can be ingested to unlock RuneScape Carrot lance, a new two-handed melee override. The Carrot puncture can be paired with RuneScape Cottontail Knight Armour. truly is absolutely the best and professional RS gold dealer

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