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Detailed Info about Philippines Call Center - cramerjohn004 - 04-16-2019

While I still work in our facility in India and may continue to do so for years to come, most of our call center processes are fulfilled in our Philippines call centers. Not only have we save staggering amounts on our overhead costs, we have also been able to increase the performance of the process. A few examples are increased collections, better customer ratings of help desk and customer services departments. 

The reason for this is simple, in the States telemarketing doesn't require strict credentials Detailed Info about Philippines Call Center to be employed and with the Philippines being a developing country, the unemployment rate and competition for good paying jobs are high. For example, you must have a collage degree just to work at McDonalds in the Philippines. In America I was only able to keep collage kids or drug addicts but in the Philippines you can get the cream of the crop and these are people that are looking for careers not just paycheck every week.

In conclusion I am convinced that Philippines call centers are going to form the outsourcing Mecca of the world. Business process outsourcing also known as BPO is already a 108 billion dollar industry and increasing and I think the Philippines will dominate the market share in the years to come.