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OnePlus 2 The Flagship Killer From OnePlus - cramerjohn004 - 04-19-2019

OnePlus even plays this up by calling the Two a ' 2016 flagship killer ' meaning that it has specs that are equal to or better than phones that are going to be released in the next few months. So, is there any truth to OnePlus' bombast? Well, yes and no. OnePlus operates on a unique business model where they sell incredibly low volumes in small batches, sometimes as little as a few thousand phones. They do this with a reservation system where prospective oneplus 6t cover buyers actually sign up and wait to receive an invitation to buy the company's phones. While many may balk at this somewhat unorthodox process, it isn't to different from people physically queuing up for days on end outside and Apple store, waiting for the latest iDevice.

What this process allows OnePlus to do is sell phones with components that are not yet available at the scales necessary for giants like Samsung and Apple to put in phones that sell a few million units in a month. This means that for the price you pay for them, OnePlus phones are between a few months to almost a year ahead of the curve, technologically speaking, when compared to the competition.