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And will it be a record (low)?"When I was putting together the 2019 projections posts for these here Atlanta Braves Travis Wood Jersey , I was surprised to find that for the first time in my compilation of them, there weren’t really questions about which position players to feature or exclude. This may not be surprising to you: the roster, on the position player side, seems fairly set. You’ve got your eight starters, abackup catcher, a fourth outfielder, and two roving utility men, both of whom can play most positions on the diamond. If someone gets injured or has to take a breather, the 2019 Atlanta Braves may not need to call up another position player given their positional depth. On top of that, no position spot is really in flux; no live tryouts are expected to proceed. Combine that with a relative dearth of prospects pushing into the lineup from the high minors (most are already here), and it definitely feels like you have the makings of a pretty steady cast of characters.But, how steady is actually steady? Feels like is never a good substitute for actually knowing. Let’s start with 2018. In 2018, teams used an average of 23 position players; the Braves deployed 24. Six teams were tied for the fewest used with 20. Of course, that Braves team was far more in flux than this one — it featured a bunch of veteran stopgap signings, including Chris Stewart, Peter Bourjos, and Jose Bautista , each of whom barely figured into the team’s current or future plans before being jettisoned. Injuries, roster shuffling, and a midseason trade added new names into the mix. The Braves would have actually used only 21 players last year, but they gave a sum total of 13 plate appearances to Michael Reed, Rene Rivera, and Dustin Peterson. (They were one of only four teams in 2018 to give 10 or fewer PAs to three or more different position players.)But, 2018 was a different year with a considerably different situation for the Braves. For 2019, the Fangraphs Depth Charts estimate that 16 different position players will appear in an Atlanta Braves uniform. This includes the 12 expected names, plus the other backup outfielder (at this point, Adam Duvall), a third catcher (Raffy Lopez), and two prospects (Austin Riley, Alex Jackson). Here’s the thing about that 16: it’s pretty low! These same Depth Charts estimate that if the Braves will use the second-fewest position players in 2019, tied with the Phillies and just one more than the Cubs.So, 16 is low, but not even the lowest projected. But, as we saw above Jose Iglesias Jersey , 16 would be much lower than what any team managed to field in 2018. So, is it the depth charts that are overly optimistic about health and stability, or was 2018 just a weird year? You probably won’t be surprised to learn that it was the former. I went back to 2001 and collected the total number of position players used, by year and team. Here are some summary statistics:Since that period, the average team used 23 position players.The fewest position players used by any team was 17 — the Braves did this in 2003, and then no other team managed this few for over a decade, until the Pirates and Twins both did so in 2017. So, if any team actually managed to use only 16 position players for an entire year, they’d set a record, at least for recent history.There’s no real monotonic trend in the average number of position players used per team. It increased from 2001 to 2014, as teams added about 1.5 position players, on average. This can potentially be attributed to more specialized player usage, i.e., for platoons and defensive replacements. But, it then fell back to mid-2000s levels (shedding an entire player) between 2014 and 2017, presumably as teams loaded their rosters with relievers, before a one-year bounceback in 2018. In any case Denny McLain Jersey , it’s hard to say that the Braves, or any team, is well-positioned to break the “fewest position players used” record for the last two decades because the number keeps falling, as it doesn’t.Just for fun, the 2004 Royals and 2013 Yankees each used 33 position players, which, that’s a lot. I suggest you peek here — does this resemble any Yankees team you can remember?as few names as possible. But, one way to do both is to keep everyone healthy. And who knows? If something happens to the Cubs, the Braves avoid any injuries, and are in too tight of a race in September to give any PAs to call-ups or potentially-dubious performers, maybe they will end at 16. Probably not, but you never know. That’s the fun of baseball.(And we’re not even going to talk about pitchers, where the Braves have no shot whatsoever.) TAMPA, Fla. (AP) — New York Yankees ace Luis Severino will miss all of April because of right shoulder inflammation.Severino had been scheduled to start on opening day on March 28 but was scratched from his first planned spring training appearance on March 5. He felt discomfort after throwing his first slider in a pregame bullpen session.“He’s going to have to start from scratch and have his spring training,” general manager Brian Cashman said Friday. “If it needs to be more, we’ve got to make sure we don’t have a problem with it.”Severino is set to resume playing catch next week.“I feel nothing right now,” Severino said. “I want to deal with this issue and be 100 percent.”Cashman also said center fielder Aaron Hicks , sidelined since hurting his back during batting practice on March 1, might not be ready for opener against Baltimore.“I think he’ll be healthy prior to opening day,” Cashman said. “It’s just will he have enough at-bats, defensive reps, conditioning in advance. If we feel that it’s better to err on the side of caution and give him some extra time to go through a mini-spring training, that’s the decision we have to make.”Severino is a two-time All-Star who is 41-25 with a 3.51 ERA. He went 19-8 with a 3.39 ERA last year but lost five of his last 11 decisions.Masahiro Tanaka, James Paxton, CC Sabathia and J.A. Happ are also projected to be in the Yankees’ rotation.Sabathia, who had a stent inserted in December after a blockage was found in an artery from his heart, is expected to miss his first two or three regular season starts. The lefty will have his first simulated game Saturday.Jonathan Loaisiga, Domingo German and Luis Cessa are competing for the two open rotation spots. Cashman didn’t rule out the Yankees using a reliever in an opener role that the Tampa Bay Rays used extensively last season.Hicks has been on the disabled list in all six of his big league seasons, nine trips in all for hamstring strains (three times), oblique strains (twice), shoulder, forearm and intercostal strains, and a concussion.Hicks has been increasing up his non-baseball activities and said without any setbacks will be ready to start the regular season on time.