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Blouses with actual looks that makes you feel personified. - cramerjohn004 - 05-14-2019

What are blouses according to you? 

Tailor made shirts are known as blouses. Now comes for which blouses are we talking about? Are these the saree blouses or the formal blouses that goes well with the trousers and pants. If you ask me for Saree blouses they have a never ending list of fabrics and designs. Saree actually reflects the sexuality every women. There are various designs of blouses that add up to the compliment of a women. Womens casual blouses are thrashing the market.

Types of fabrics 
Ø Cotton
Ø Chiffon
Ø Silk
Ø Velvet
Ø Crepe
Ø Organza

Blouses of such fabrics are worn in day to day wear. Online selling store like Luvyle and many more have such large variety. Blouses can be worm to attain a formal as well as informal looks. It depends that which one is chosen for which purpose.

Not only your body structure but facial structure too matters

If you have a round face or a square shape face then go for blouses with V line shape. Women with round face should avoid wearing a high collared blouse as it will reflect the roundness of the facial structure.

Accessories and shoes

Blouses if chosen for formal looks go well high waist pant and pencil hells. It can add to your beauty if you pair it with a classy bracelet or a watch. Plain gold studs or imitation earring of pearl or any other design will pair up well. All theses fashionable stuffs are in many options available on Luvyle

Womens casual blouses have taken a growth as it is affordable and is easy to be wear. For plus size women it is available in various length that covers the hips as well. Multicolored blouses with every color combination are there too boast you. Cotton blouses are preferred the most in sunny days as informal looks because it is light weighted, easy to carry and wear. It makes you feel relaxed. The neckline that is present there in the blouses make them more eye appealing. Chinese collar blouses are in great demand.

Many offices or workplaces have kept blouses as the dress code. Blouses  make you look smart and presentable at the workplace. Even the saree blouses has been in trend. Since everyday there is a saree manufactured with new textile, design and combination so there is  a need to fashionable blouses increasing.