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Fake Urwerk 200 UR-210 RG watch - babyqi - 06-14-2019

[Image: Urwerk%20200%20Collection%20UR-210%20RG%20watch.jpg] 

UR‐210 urwerk replica dial has the traditional 1 o 'clock power reserve indicator. In the 11 o 'clock near-mirror image, we found similar signs. No, it's not a repetitive fail-safe system, but a more important one that deserves our full attention, because it's actually the first complex system in the world to show the winding efficiency of the last two hours.
As you sit comfortably in your armchair, the light will point to the red area and tell you that UR‐210's automatic rotor has not been damaged enough and is operating on stored energy. However, if you are walking around energetically, the light will point to the green area, indicating that you are replenishing your watch with new energy. This new indicator does not measure the torque of the main spring, but calculates the difference between the consumption and the energy produced by the main spring.

With knowledge of winding efficiency and available power reserves, you can now intervene. If your UR‐210 displays low power, you can set the winding efficiency selector (the back of the watch) to "full".
The rotor converts the slightest movement into stored energy. In this structure, turbines connected to rotors provide steady, unimpeded power. But if you are more active, then this may provide more motivation than required, unnecessarily fraying the mechanism. In this case, you will position the winding efficiency selector to "reduce" to participate in the rotor damping system. The air turbine compressor mounted on the ruby bearing rotates and generates internal resistance -- enough friction to slow or damp the automatically wound rotor. In "stop" mode, watch replicas the automatic winding system is completely shut down and UR‐210 is out of standby power and may require manual winding.

[Image: Urwerk%20200%20Collection%20UR-210%20watch.jpg] 

Back on the dial side,best fake watches, the complexity of the UR‐210 satellite's retrograde minutes is both highly original and completely explosive. Its main features are high - tech, super - size, three - dimensional reverse - travel minute needle. Its function is to surround the hour satellite and indicate the time as it spans a scale of 0 to 60 minutes. This one hour time travel, along the 120° arc, smooth. But at the end of the 59th minute, the true meaning of the words was revealed. Then a sharp, clear click marked the return of the minute hand. In less than a tenth of a second, the hand will return to dock with the satellite the next hour.
"As far as the satellite conveyor goes, I think UR‐210 has reached a peak where we can handle this complexity. Felix baumgartner explains. "After demonstrating our super-complex UR‐1001 Zeit device, we want to conduct another large-scale experiment. At the UR‐210 railway center, the minute hand is not only very big, but very big! But it presents us with considerable challenges because it requires delicate craftsmanship. It surrounds small satellites and requires extremely fine tolerances."
Martin Frey added: "UR‐210 is more compelling than the rest of ulwak's work. People's eyes are inevitably drawn to winding efficiency indicators... It has almost magnetic attraction. UR‐210 is not a real watch, but a living mechanical device implanted in your wrist. UR‐210 has been nicknamed the Maltese falcon because we think it is part of the dream."
Felix baumgartner concludes: "UR‐210 is a significant achievement for ulwak. This timer opens a new chapter in the evolution of complexity. Not only does it measure a universal value in a new way, it opens up a real conversation between the watch and its wearer. UR‐210 :replica urwerk watches sale represents your personal activities; It's yours, not someone else's."
UR‐210‐ technical specification