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Online Psychology - cramerjohn004 - 06-14-2019

Welcome to Online Psychology, a Cairns-based digital psychology practice providing online psychological services across Australia.

Online Psychology is a professional online psychological practice offering safe, authentic and confidential therapeutic services to people across Australia. Our service provides a flexible option to attending a face-to-face consultation.

Your treating psychologist will work with you in a way that honours your unique needs and personal framework. Working together to unpack current challenges and explore solutions to promote and further develop helpful ways of engaging in everyday life.

You may be experiencing a range of challenges, at home or at work. Perhaps you feel:

Stressed, sad, or worried
Stuck in your current situation, but unsure how to resolve it
Unsure how to cope with a significant life change
Uncertain about changes or difficulties at work
Concerned about personal relationships with your partner, family or children
Finding it hard to come to terms with things that have happened in the past.

At Online Psychology we value and offer a collaborative strength-based approach to helping you find solutions, explore beliefs and choices, while developing greater personal insight and growth to help meet future life challenges.