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How to Create Black Hair Weave Style - Hairsmarket - 07-10-2019

Black hair weave style is a very common practice amongst the African. Later on, it is not only exclusively practiced by the African American but almost the whole world will embrace it.

Human hair wigs is a special way of hair styling; it basically includes weaving artificial hair to the scalp without looking awkward or weird. It has the ability to extend the length of your hair and at the same time making it look thicker and fuller; thus creating a more stylish look. Besides making the hair to have fuller body and texture, it is an excellent way of changing one's outlook instantly.

Black human hair extensions can be done in 2 ways - either glued or sewn. Glued is always much easier to be done compared to the latter. Glued method takes up lesser time because the process mainly focuses on gluing the weave to one's scalp. After that, you can either continue with perms or cutting to have a natural looking hairstyle with weave. With a proper care and maintenance, a glued weave can last up to 3 weeks.

However, this process will be time consuming if one opts for sewn in hair weaves. The sewn in method is basically the traditional way of creating a black hair weave style. Only the professionals can do this as the sewn in part will require them to have certain skills to do so. It involves the hair weaves being firmly sewn to one's scalp as the weaves have to be extremely tight to create the optimum effect. The whole process is very time consuming; it can take up to 4 hours even though it is done by an extremely professional hairstylist. Besides that, the process is very painful, it never fail to bring tears to one's eye (well, perhaps not to those with extremely high pain tolerance) and most of the girls experienced this kind of pain when the hair weave is being sewn in. However, this method is long lasting compared to the glued method because a tightly sewn weave can last for 6 weeks with proper care and maintenance.

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