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Tips to maintain student motivation - rosierg - 07-26-2019

[b]Getting and maintaining the motivation of their students is one of the main tasks of a teacher[/b]. Capturing student interest is also very rewarding because it confirms that the necessary connection has occurred in the communication between student and teacher.

The motivation of the students in the classroom also implies recognition and respect by the classroom towards the figure of the teacher.

So below we review [b]tips aimed at helping teachers to capture and preserve the motivation of their students in the classroom[/b].

Ideas to capture the attention of students

[b]Use curiosity as a resource[/b]. We propose to start the classes with a question that catches the attention of the students and that can become a tool to capture and awaken the motivation of students on a subject.

[b]Communication with students must be bidirectional[/b]. Students should be an active part of the teaching-learning process, that there is feedback in the communication process and that this is permanent so that they do not lose motivation: let them know what they are right and wrong, what they need to deepen, etc.

[b]The importance of positive reinforcements[/b]. Reward and thank students for their participation and interest in the classroom. Show that we trust them to learn to trust themselves. Make them feel that they are essential and show them that their opinions count. We will promote your self-esteem and you will gain in security.

[b]Create expectations[/b]. This formula increases curiosity, interest and, above all, the attention of students, but without forgetting that these expectations must be met at some point. Expectations can be created indicating that for the next day we have prepared a surprise, through some game, etc.

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RE: Tips to maintain student motivation - DoloresEilers - 02-23-2020

In schools and universities there are some factors that dishearten the students. There should be some events and functions to maintain the interest of students in study and they can also get motivations to study by browsing this and find a unique way of their education. There should be seminars for this purpose that is more effective than anything.

RE: Tips to maintain student motivation - florahmelda - 02-24-2020

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RE: Tips to maintain student motivation - techgropse - 02-24-2020

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