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How To Let Your Curly Wig Looks Brand New - Hairsmarket - 08-21-2019

Hey, ladies. Are you curly hair style big fans? Have you wear the curly wig for a long time? When your human hair wig become tangling and have other hair issues, while you not have too much money to buy a new one or reinstall it, how will you deal that? Today, we will tell you how to let your old wig back to life.
1.Spray water 
We all know that almost hair issues because of the hair too dry. So you can use water to keep the hair wet (you also can mixed with some hair conditioner). Noticed that not too much water each time.
2.Detangle the curly wig
For curly style, the most common issue is the hair tangling. So when your lace front wig has this issue, no worry. You can use your fingers to loosen the tangle knot, remember not use tigh tooth comd, your fingers is the best tool to detangle the hair. Once the tangle issue solved, you can move on to deep conditioning.
3.Air dry 
Stop use heat tool to dry or style your human curly hair wig. You know too high temputure will make the hair frizzy. So air dry will be more better.
Hairsmarket have kinds of human hair wigs, and the curly wig is the most popular one, you know, summer is coming, the curly style more suit  people wear when they go to beach. Hairsmarket curly wig are 100% unprocessed human hair, you guys can have a try. 
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