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How to Complete Gmail Sign up Operation On Laptop Or Desktop? - wils7018 - 09-04-2019

Setting up a new Gmail account on your laptop or desktop is very easy. You need to go through very easy steps via which you will be able to own an account. By just an account on Gmail, you will be able to make use of various internet services. YouTube, Google Map, Google Drive, Google Earth and many more can be accessible using Gmail email account and password.  
 Have A Glance At The Procedure To Own An Account On Google Mail 
·        Firstly, you need to go to Gmail Sign up 1-833-293-8333  page in your web browser on computer system. Here, you need to enter your name, username and strong password you want to use for your Google mail account.
·        Make sure, your username must be unique and your password must be hack proof.  Besides, you need to type the password again for the purpose of confirming your password.  Doing so will avoid the typos and errors form your password. 
·        Clicking on ‘Next’ option will take you to new page where you need to enter birth date and Gender. Additional note: you should keep the fact in mind that the account holders must be 13 years old.
·        In addition to this, you should also enter the phone number and backup email address for verifying your identity. These ones will help you in recovering your password, if you forgot your Google mail account password.
·        Click ‘Next’ option and hereafter, you will come across terms, privacy policies and conditions for your Google.  Now, you need to click on ‘I agree’ option and your Google account is ready to use.   
However, if you face any issues while performing the Sign up Gmail operation, then opt for the technical backing instantly. Consider taking help from the experts, if you are not capable of setting up an account.