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Bethesda Always Makes Fallout 76 Improved - cuberwhite - 09-16-2019

Autumn might be just around the corner, and we can finally calm down and look back at the months spent at Fallout 76, both good and bad. Bethesda has been encouraging players to jump into the game. As you can see, it has been criticized by quite a few players, but the support voice has not disappeared. Recently, Bethesda planned to release quality of life upgrades for Fallout 76, along with the upcoming public events.

If you've been walking around for Fallout 76 for a few days, there are a lot of random tasks to complete through the whole world map, which is also common in other MMOs. After this update, Bethesda changed the erratic function, and all the tasks on the map, along with the new agreed-upon moniker reclassification.

It is indeed a brand new try, Bethesda also said that more simple designs have been added to the update, collecting Fallout 76 Bottle Caps faster and more detailed task difficulty.

Moreover, the death at a public event is less serious than before with an increasing respawn timers. 

Every event you joined requires to activate manually to ensure that you can complete your task without the involvement of others. All of the public events can share cooldowns, which means that you have enough time to choose which one to enter, complete them and get your huge rewards.

All would become a reality in the future days with a better Fallout 76, at least not a worse one.