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How To Wear Your Curly Hair Wigs? - JuliaHair - 09-23-2019

One of the best things about our human hair lace front wig is that it gives you a natural looking protective style that mimics 3C natural hair. It offers style versatility as well convenience. In this guide we talk about the various ways to wear your My Curls™ wig comfortably as well as how to care for it to ensure it lasts for many years to come.

Putting on a human hair wig is a pretty straight-forward concept. It is just like putting on a bonnet or skullcap. Apply the wig starting from the back of your head and bring the wig forward towards your hairline. Secure with the combs that are included. Depending on the size of your head, you may need to sew on a drawstring (if one isn’t available) or add some more combs to the perimeter in order to hold your wig in place and prevent lifting.

The best thing about our wig is that our caps follow a sizing guide and are tailored to fit your head to give you the most natural-looking wig possible. This reduces the need for glue, hairpins, combs or a drawstring.  

When placing the wig on your head, it is important to place your part exactly where you’d like it to be. Whether you choose a lace front cap or a U-part cap the wig can be worn with a middle part or side parts according to your preference.