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Setup Norton™ by entering the product key..? - johnsmith0 - 10-17-2019

How to Sign Up for a Norton Account

1. Open the web browser, and go to the Norton page at
2. Hit the Sign up option.
3. Then, complete the form by typing your name, email address, confirm the password, etc.
4. Read the complete terms and select the Agree option.
5. Click on the Sign up option.

How to Access your Norton Account

1. Open the internet browser, and go to the Norton website.
2. From there, click on the Sign in button.
3. Key in the email and password for your Norton account.
4. If you do not have a Norton account yet, then just choose the option to create a new Norton account from Norton setup.
5. Click on Remember Me if you wish that Norton remembers your sign-in information.
6. At last, just press the Sign In button.

Setup Norton™  by entering the product key..?

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