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There is always a feeling - ylq - 11-11-2019

There is always a feeling, the flow of blood flowing in the life, in the invisible place Newport 100S, the fragrance of the deaf, the warmth of the air. True feelings are always hidden in the trivial little things. In the days of a certain memory, the hidden silk was touched, and it turned into a little warmth, swaying the whole heart. Years, flowing through the dark hair, the wind spreads the message of love, whitening your black hair a little. Childhood, under the phoenix tree, long hair with short hair, short story, short hair to listen to, but can not sit more than a long time, short hair will always open the arms of long hair, running around under the plane tree, laughing and playing, long Look at the back of the short hair and smile gently. At night, under the light, the short hair is in the light of the fire. On the desk, there were countless deep writings of short hair, and the curtains left a sketch of short hair and hard work. At this time, there is always a sound of pushing the door - long hair always handed a glass of milk, placed at the table, and then quietly left. Then, the heat of the milk rises and rises, the body and mind of the short hair are exhausted, the short hair is exhausted, the warmth of the bursts spreads in the heart, the long hair always rises early, the time is good, and the short hair room is pushed away. The door, then short hair came out slowly. Short hair rushed out, long hair all the way to her departure. In the evening, the short hair came back with a heavy bag. Long hair waited quietly at the door, and at the moment of seeing the short hair, the long hair was illuminated by the light, and a smile was added to his face. After dinner, long hair is used for short hair to clean the hair, short hair with a full head of foam, face full of laughter, long hair with water to patiently rinse off the short hair full of foam. In the moonlight, the cleaned short hair is black Newport Cigarettes Coupons, but not as long as long hair. Gradually, the short hair grows into long hair, while the long hair reveals a little silver white silk. Short hair is no longer a joke like a child, no longer listening to long stories under the sycamore tree as a child. Long hair is still waiting for the return of short hair, gently blowing, raising the white hair of the silk Carton Of Cigarettes, passing a little bit of love, making the short hair more smooth, more black
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