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leedon green price - cramerjohn004 - 11-24-2019

The Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS), a statutory board under the Ministry of Law handles trademark registration in the city state. An individual desiring to register his trade mark may either apply directly to the Registrar or authorize a trade mark agent to act on his behalf.

For a trademark to be registered in Singapore, it should leedon green price be possible to represent it as a graphic. Such a sign could take the form of a letter, a word, a name, a signature, a numeral, a device, a brand, a heading, a label, a ticket, a shape, a color, an element of packaging, or any combination of these. Singapore trademark law does not require evidence of use to be filed as part of the application process before the trademark registration is granted.

Applicants are encouraged to conduct a research of existing trademarks to ensure that there is no prior similar or identical trade mark in the records of the Singapore Registry of Trade Marks. The search can be conducted at the IPOS office or online at eTradeMarks.

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