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present - Stender - 11-27-2019

What is better to buy for a good friend of mine - jewelry or a certificate(massage, manicure. etc)?

RE: present - EmmaB12 - 11-27-2019

It's hard to advise something because I don't know her preferences, but among your ideas, jewelry sounds the best. It's an ideal present, and I'm sure that your friend will like it.  I can also help you to find the presser piece of jewelry. Check It's an online jewelry store, where you'll find a lot of jewelry to choose from. Also, check the gift section. I’ve already bought a lot there and can assure you that the quality is good, everything looks fantastic, and it's only a pleasure to wear that jewelry.

RE: present - ilikkash - 12-17-2019

The gift should be chosen based on your friend's hobbies or lifestyle

RE: present - verrona - 12-18-2019

I chose an alarm clock for a gift to a friend. I found a very beautiful version of the alarm clock Dr. Prepare Alarm Clock
in the best projection review alarm clock on the It's an unusual alarm clock. It has an adjustable projection. It is equipped with a large LCD screen with backlight and can display the temperature inside the room and outside

RE: present - Gleboss - 04-21-2020

The best present for me is a massage. Great for this is Lingam Massage Techniques -