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+--- Thread: – Mcafee Product key – Mcafee Activate (/showthread.php?tid=95227) – Mcafee Product key – Mcafee Activate - aideneddy - 12-03-2019 As a World’s leading Cyber Security Company, McAfee enables organizations, companies, corporate, Governments, and individuals to safeguard their most valuable data from the prying eyes of cybercriminals. It helps to keep our digital life shielded from alarming threats such as virus, spyware, malware, Trojan, etc.

What is antivirus?

If you are striving to secure your device from virus attacks, then you are good to go with McAfee. The superior quality antivirus solution provides you with online as well as offline protection from the threats that are lurking around us in various forms. With McAfee, you can ensure the safety of your devices and surf the web securely. Its data encryption feature protects sensitive information along with providing you the real-time endpoint protection. You can easily have it on your device via

With its unique and analytical aptitude, McAfee activate allows home and business users to stay one step ahead of the cyber crooks. The various products developed by McAfee have been specifically designed by keeping in mind the varied needs of the users.

In today’s world, you can see malware in the form of rootkits, botnets, funny videos, memes, and more like stuff. Having McAfee antivirus via can help you fight back against such infections. You can choose the product that best fits your needs at the official website which goes by the URL

How do I use

You can use McAfee antivirus in order to scan your computer for viruses, threats, malware, Trojans, and other malicious threats that can harm your device. To use McAfee on your device you first need to download, install, and activate it via After completing the procedure, your McAfee product is ready to do its scanning job. To run a scan on your computer, do the following:

1.Look for the McAfee icon on your screen and right-click on it.
2.This will display a drop-down menu, from which you have to choose “Check for updates” option. This action will ensure that McAfee can detect the presence of threats and viruses on your device.
3.Upon completing the update process, you have to once again right-click on the McAfeeactivate icon.
4.In this step, select the “Scan” option.
5.Here, you will be provided with the three options to choose from and that is:
Full Scan- you can select this option to scan for the presence of some already known threats.
Quick Scan- Select this option to scan the most susceptible parts of your computer for existing threats.
Custom Scan- by choosing this option, you can manually select the drives, folders, and other locations you want to scan for threats and viruses.
6.On the completion of the scanning process, a detailed description of the detected scan is displayed.
7.Now, you have to click on the “OK” option to finish the scanning process.
8.You can now clean the detected viruses by following the on-screen prompts.