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How to Reactivate the Inactive QuickBooks Account? - marcokelvin - 12-28-2019

When you inactive any user then the user is no more seen in the QuickBooks account and is removed from the reporting options, customer area, etc where the users are listed. But you can still check their previous work as their data is not completely removed. The transactions and reports are still accessible.

Have you inactive any user from the QuickBooks? But now you want to reactive that user again and don’t know how to do it. Don’t worry here you get the solution regarding deactivating the user’s QuickBooks account. The solution is directly given by the team who wants to resolve your issue. To apply the solution below to fix the issue on your own. Still, you need to contact the team then reach at QuickBooks support phone number. The team members are trained, knowledgeable, qualified, experts and professionals to understand all your situations. 
The solution to reactivate the QuickBooks account
If you want to delete the user’s company from your QBOA account; then do follow these steps below:-

Firstly login to your QBOA account
Now go to your practice then click on the Clients that is mention on the left side menu
Locate the user’s company
After locating, Select the ACTIONS
Under actions, click on the Make active option
If you do refer to the user in the QBO account then here is the process that can be done for reactivating the user. The steps are as follows:-

Go to the Sales that is mentioned on the left side of the screen
Now click on the Customers tab
Select the Gear icon that is above ACTION icon on your screen
Check next to Include Inactive there you need to put a mark
Do browse the user and then select the Make active link that is mentioned in the ACTION.
So as you see it is easy to do this and the user also gets Reactivate QuickBooks Account again without any interruption.

How to contact us?

Still, you have any queries or issues then do contact the team immediately. The team is here to help you out by providing you the correct and verified information and solution. Dial the  QuickBooks customer helpline number 1800-796-0321 to get the glitches resolved. You can also get in touch via email or live chat with the professionals as they are glad to provide you the best assistance. The members are available 365 days a year so you can contact them anytime. Your problems of all kinds whether big or small will be resolved here. They have more than 18 years of experience so don’t think just contact them.

RE: How to Reactivate the Inactive QuickBooks Account? - freefregen - 01-01-2020

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