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food science - cramerjohn004 - 01-06-2020

Eat plants and animals.

When we were hunter-gatherers, back in the paleolithic era, we ate plants and animals. It seems logical that these foods would keep us healthy, since our bodies were genetically designed for them. Optimal foraging theory works here, if the food you are about to eat has the possibility of being harvested in nature without taking many days in order to obtain a meal's worth of nutrition, then it is probably fine to eat.

4. Avoid modern disease promoting foods.

Sugar is our number one enemy here, followed food science closely by processed omega-6 vegetable oils and wheat. If you are able to cut these three foods out of your life completely, then you are already well on your way towards a healthy lifestyle. I would say that 80% of the health benefits of eating healthy are from cutting out these three foods.

If you follow this eating clean food list, and these tips on what to avoid, then I guarantee that your health will improve dramatically. The main causes of modern health problems are an unhealthy diet and lack of exercise.