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Gmail Sign Up - anna91 - 03-26-2020

Create a gmail account is very simple and fast. If you don't know how to sign up for a gmail account, see the instructions below.

How to gmail sign up - Create new a Gmail Account
Step #1: Open your web browser, then go to or

Step #2: Click “More options" ->  Create Account.

Step #3: You will be redirected to Gmail Sign Up page. Fill out the form according to your personal data then click “Next Step” button.
Name: Enter your First name and Last name.
Choose your username: fill in Gmail account’s blank you want to create
Create a password: set up a password you want to make
Confirm your password: identify again your password you have already created.
Birthday: fill correctly your date, month  of birth. If your age is under 16, guarantee your family permit you sign in Gmail.
Gender:  you have to choose your gender is male or female.
Mobile phone: fill your number phone with the aim is activate your Gmail. If you enter your phone number many times, you cannot create a new account.
Location: the nation you are living.
Then, Click “next step" to continue.
Step #4: Immediately, a popup window appear, which is the Google privacy and terms and conditions. You will need to accept it first, once  you’ve read it click on "I Agree" button at last.

Step #5: After adding your mobile number, you’ll get a 6-digit code via SMS on your mobile, type this 6-digit code below the given field and click on “Verify” button.
Step #6: Once sign up process complete, click ‘Continue to Gmail’ to get into your Gmail you have already created.