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How can an Entrepreneur Build Work with Affiliate / Digital Marketing - crisslyn - 04-01-2020

If the business has stopped growing or sales have fallen, consider 3 options for cooperation based on your goals and budget. But remember: one Internet marketer cannot close all directions.

For one person in a team, the simplest model is as follows: advertising - touch - lead - sale. What a proper marketing campaign should look like, see below.

→ The best option is an inhouse marketer. He participates in the life of the company, sees what works and what does not work, takes part in strategic meetings, looks for ways to improve the marketing campaign. Communication is always fast and efficient. 

→ The second option is a separate team of specialists in the agency that deals only with your project. This format will cost significantly more than the marketer in the company. At the same time, the control process and the speed of communication are lower.

→ The third option is an Internet marketer in the agency through your key promotion channel , for example, a targetologist. It will cost you $ 500-1500 / month. You can find a marketer for $ 300-400, but most likely the focus on your project will be low. The agency has a lot of companies like you. The project manager, targetologist and his other employees simultaneously perform tasks of other companies. 

What should the right marketing campaign look like?
As your business grows, your marketing team will consist of 3 departments led by the head of the marketing department.: 

1) Audience attraction department - a team that brings organic and paid traffic to the site.

2) Monetization department - a team that thinks how to make this traffic bring money.

3) The process department is a team that works to ensure that the audience remains: those who have not bought the product are led to purchase, and for those who bought, they build a life cycle so that the customer buys again and again.

Such a structure is just waiting for you. To build it, you need to understand:

how to create a digital strategy;
how to build an online sales system;
What business promotion methods work for different channels;
how to select contractors in a digital team and determine their effectiveness;
how to choose a CRM system and run a really working sales department.

Why is it important to understand all 5 stages for effective digital marketing
A marketer or agency must constantly develop one direction - leads and sales . This is your main KPI, by which you determine the effectiveness of the team.

→ Metric number 1. Visits / Clicks - how many people were on your pages.

→ Metric number 2. Conversion to application - how many visitors left the application.

→ Metric number 3. Conversion to payment - how many of those who left the application bought the product.

Thanks to this chain, you understand for yourself:

how much traffic is targeted;
how do you convert pages and forms where you collect applications;
how effective the sales via cashback website team is.
For example, you get 1000 clicks, and the conversion to the application is 1%. But they analyzed and revealed that for this format the normal indicator is 3-4%. Now you’re thinking what needs to be done to improve your conversion. Marketing is changing. Next, see how leads are converted into sales.

RE: How can an Entrepreneur Build Work with Affiliate / Digital Marketing - StellaBaird - 07-04-2020

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RE: How can an Entrepreneur Build Work with Affiliate / Digital Marketing - Shaw - 07-09-2020

If the business has stopped growing you should also consider such details as a target market analysis, and you can't do it without certain skills and knowledge. But you can do it with the help of an expert, for instance, take a look at salesforce consulting companies and how they can take your business to the next level