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Amazon Alexa app download - staisyalexa - 04-08-2020

[attachment=3280][attachment=3280]When you get a new Alexa device, opened your shiny new Alexa device.  can't wait to use your Alexa device. Along with your Alexa device, you must get a long user manual. I am sure you are not in mood to read this much content. And want to set up the Echo device easily and quickly. Here you will do so in a few simple steps. Just read on:
- In your Smart device, download Alexa app for Android. Open your App store and there search for Alexa app. Once found, download and then click on install. I fit is windows you are using, then download Alexa app for pc from web browser.
- Now as you had installed Alexa app. You must be ready to Echo dot setup. Open your Alexa device and press the action button till the time blue light blinks. Now blue light turns orange. connect Alexa Echo to wifi.
- In your Wifi settings, select your wifi network to which you want to connect Alexa echo. Enter our password and click connect. save your password.
- Your Echo device is all set for awesome Alexa skills. Now Enable or disable Alexa skills and add skills as per your choice.

In case if you face any issue when Alexa not working, then try to reboot device modem, router and echo device

RE: Amazon Alexa app download - richardalexa - 06-29-2020

Alexa comes in all shapes and sizes. If you own the Amazon Echo (3rd Gen), Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen), Amazon Echo Show 8 or other Echo speaker, the Alexa voice assistant is ready for you to use. You can ask it to navigate you to a destination, keep track your schedule, order products off of Amazon, read books, find local restaurants and answer your questions.
download alexa app

RE: Amazon Alexa app download - richardalexa - 06-30-2020

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