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Guide for Beginners Growtopia Farming Worlds - growtopiaigvault - 04-10-2020

A pretty effective way to farm. Say that we are making bricks which are grass+rock. It's better to make a farm. Start by getting a rock and dirt farm ready to make some grass. An important part of farming is to make a farm for every needed ingredient. This is so that if you fail to make a farm, you can make it quicker instead of going through the whole chain.
Now, make sure you have multiple dirt and rock seeds from farming. Continue farming them, but use 1 dirt and 1 rock seed to start your grass farm. Grass farms rarely fail, since grass trees can give around 10 grass each. Now you should have a farm for rock, dirt and grass. Use another rock seed and splice it with grass.
You have gotten a brick tree. Continue this farming technique to succeed.
Rule: Make a farm for every needed ingredient
Now, let's move on to another way of farming.
Use the previous farming technique to get some good blocks. Say you now have a block of steel. This technique is more risky but will prove more useful.
Pretend you broke your steel tree and got 3 blocks of steel. The reason this is more risky is because there is about a 60% of failure. Break your blocks 1-at-a-time. If you got a steel seed on your last block, try again. If you have extra blocks, build stuff with them. Continue this technique. The longer you use it, the smaller the chance of failure. If you get no steel seeds from you blocks, break your current blocks. After you get more and more blocks of steel, you will have more tries for a seed!
Rule: Plant, Build, might need to break, and repeat(basically)
· Don't be messy
· Get a worldlock before releasing to public
· Don't give untrusted people access
· Don't stalk your visitors
· Don't worldban everyone
This section isn't just about building, but making your world good and a world people like to visit.
To keep them, you need to be entertaining.
· Include parkours:Not too easy, not to hard
· Host giveaways, etc
· Have a shop
Game ideas:
· A secret passage maze
· Parkour
· Spleef
· Boxing--Probably heaven for all the punch-happy people
· Door maze--Lost in rooms with doors
So yeah.
A good builder knows that decoration and pixelart is what's needed to best amuse people.
The key is decoration and materials. There's not much more than
· Adding decoration
· Being prepared in materials and blocks
Don't even try opening a good place up to public without a worldlock. Getting a worldlock is better than wasting gems on small locks--It's unofficial looking and ugly. No one likes looking at a ton of lock borders. And a world full of locks. Seriously. There's a ton of unlocked spots for griefing and escaping.
Keep your world hidden until you have a worldlock.
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RE: Guide for Beginners Growtopia Farming Worlds - dave45 - 04-22-2020

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