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Speed Issues - broomhaylie - 04-17-2020

I have absolutely drove myself nuts trying to figure out what is going on with my pc connection. Recently I started noticing that I was not getting anywhere near the speed I should from comcast. Technician came out and did replace the modem, but stated that he couldn't find anything wrong anywhere and that I was getting 200 down on his tests even though my pc would not go above 100.  Smile

We tried the same ports on the modem and the same ether net cord that I was using for the pc. I brought over a laptop and used the same ports and cord as the pc and was able to get 200 down. I have put a new ether net card in and it says it is connecting at 1 gigabit. I have tried new drivers, modifying settings for the card and cannot figure it out. The pc refuses to get anything over 100 down. Heck, I can even run speed test on the my android phone and get almost 200 down. Everything but the pc. It has to be something within Windows 10 that is keeping from going over 100 but I am at a loss.   Rolleyes