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Five strategies to write a remarkable essay - zackjerry - 04-30-2020

The word essay is derived from a Latin word “exagium” which means presentation of a case. It is basically a piece of writing which consists of ideas and thoughts in order to persuade a reader. In this article I am going to highlight five must follow strategies in order to write an up to the mark essay. There are different types of essay but the basic structure for each kind of essay is the same. Whether you are writing a descriptive, argumentative, synoptic or any other kind of essay, the main strategies which I am going to mention here will remain the same each time you start writing. 

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Writing an essay is not a difficult task to perform but convincing a reader through writing is one of the most challenging jobs to do. You can facilitate yourself with essay writing service as a large number of writers offer it to the readers.They write comprehensive and remarkable essays within no time because they strictly follow the basic structure and essay writing techniques. For some people essay writing seems to be a burdensome task to do because they do not have any writing exposure before. In order to overcome the hesitation level while writing a writer has to be confident and boosts his level to the optimum stage.
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There are five strategies which a writer who is at beginner level must follow. They are as following
a)     Reading
b)     Critical Thinking
c)      Organizing the ideas
d)     Arguing the case
e)     Note making


A person who wants to become a top-echelon writer with a distinguished writing style has to adopt reading habits on a daily basis. Reading is inextricably linked with the writing process. A good reader becomes a good writer because the reading process enhances writing skills and creativity which ultimately leads a person to write top-notch articles each time. A new writer must add at least one new word in his vocabulary so that he may be able to express his ideas, thoughts, feelings and emotions in an extraordinarily convincing way to the reader. Writing is basically a composition of various words. The vast the vocabulary a writer has, the better and easier a writing process will be. 

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Critical Thinking:

It is the most important strategy among all other strategies which a writer must possess. It is a process of analyzing an issue or statement critically which leads a writer to make a concrete judgment on the basis of analysis. The stronger, deeper and profound analysis directs a writer towards taking an accurate and remarkable stance. We urge new writers to focus on critical thinking as it is the only process which helps a writer to understand the topic exactly.

Organizing the ideas:

Ideas play a vital role in innovation. Whenever a writer looks at a given topic then a large number of scattered ideas whether relevant or irrelevant come to his mind. A process of eliminating the unnecessary ideas and keeping the related ones is known as organizing the ideas in a significant or meaningful way. If the ideas remain disorganized, they die without giving any benefit. So organizing the ideas is the key towards writing a handy essay.

Arguing the Case:

Raising an argument in a beneficial way is subsequent to organizing the thoughts. Raise arguments and counter arguments while writing an essay as this practice makes your writings attractive, presentable and attention grabber to a reader. 
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Note making:

It is a simple and the easiest practice to adopt. It is a foremost job of a writer to adopt a habit of making notes before writing an essay. Fetch data from different resources that are websites, books, novels and newspapers and should make notes of important points. This is a simple but a useful practice which most of the professional writers urge others to adopt in order to bring perfection in their writings.
You must push yourself in adopting all the aforementioned writing strategies so that you may be able to produce unique and extraordinary interesting content in your future writings.

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RE: Five strategies to write a remarkable essay - Burunduk - 10-16-2020

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RE: Five strategies to write a remarkable essay - HarrietAllan - 12-19-2020

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RE: Five strategies to write a remarkable essay - joanromera87 - 12-26-2020

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RE: Five strategies to write a remarkable essay - Sindzo - 12-29-2020

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