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QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery - qbenterprisesupport - 04-30-2020

Auto Data Recovery feature in QuickBooks Desktop is designed to recover your lost or damaged data. You don’t need to get worried in case your data is loss because QuickBooks auto data recovery will help you in recovering all your important data. The specific feature makes sure that your data is protected.
Points to Consider Before Using the Tool:
1.    The feature is available in QuickBooks Pro, Premier, and Enterprise solutions for windows.
2.    The specific feature is not available in accountant editions.
3.    The file size is limited to only 1.5 Gigabytes.
4.    You need to confirm that your QuickBooks Desktop is updated.
Let’s read further and know how to recover QuickBooks data with the help of the given steps.
Solutions to Fix the Lost data with Auto Data Recovery QuickBooks
Solution 1- Use the Original.TLG file with .QBW.adr file
1.    First, you need to create a new folder named QBTest.
2.    Now, open a folder.
3.    Next, you need to copy the corresponding .tlg file and then paste it to the QBTest folder.
Show File Extensions
1.    Firstly, you need to press Windows +E.
2.    Secondly, you have to click on theorganize and then folder and search option.
3.    In case you are using windows like 10,8.1,8, you need to go to the view option and click on filename.
4.    You need to click on hide extensions option.
5.    Next, you have to click on apply option and then ok.
6.    Open the QuickBooks data recovery folder.
7.    You need to copy the QBW.adr file. With this, paste it to the QBTest folder.
8.    Now, you have to right-click on the .QBW.adr file and then click on rename.
9.    It is mandatory to delete .adr from the end of the file.
10.You need to open the accounting software.
11.You are supposed to open the company file that is saved on your QBTest folder.
12.You need to run the verify utility.
13.You have to change the location of the damaged company file location.
14.Finally, you have to transfer the damaged company file location from the previous location.
Solution 2- Use earlier.QBW.adr & TLG.ADR Files
1.    First, you need to create a folder on your system.
2.    Now, you have to name the folder as QBTest.
3.    You will open the folder named as QuickBooksAutoDataRecovery on your PC.
4.    Finally, you need to copy .TLG.adr and.QBW.adr. file and then paste them in the QBTest folder.
If you want to know more about QuickBooks auto data recovery, then dial the QuickBooks Toll-free Support Phone Number 8889867735.