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SEO or PCC, what strategies are right for your business? - charil - 05-12-2020

What is SEO?
     SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a process of making our website appear in the top rank. (Which usually does not drop from the first page) when searching with keywords related to our website or business Via various Search Engine websites like Google, Bing, Yahoo, MSN and others (for example When we click on the keyword "burger", the website that appears in the first search results may be McDonald's, Burger King, etc.) without any cost in doing it. Except that if we do not have knowledge in this area, then it may cost money to hire someone who has experience in SEO to help instead. Which, if the website can be ranked in the top of the Search Engine, then it will be more interesting for those who search by Keyword to find more By this rank, there is a chance to go down only when a website that performs better SEO overtakes it or the Search Engine has changed the Algorithm (the method of calculating and processing the computer) in Search and must find new methods accordingly. So that the website can rise back to the top

What is PPC?

     PPC or Pay per click is the purchase of advertising space of that Search Engine so that our website is positioned as the focus of the people who use Search Engine, which may be in the top position. Or in other parts Eye-catching In order to increase the number of users coming to our website when their keyword in search matches the content that we have on the web In the form of PPC, this will be charged only when someone clicks to our website according to the number of times. If there are no clicks on the website, there will be no cost at all. The rate is not based on the number of clicks only. But also depends on the position of the website on the Search Engine and Keyword in the search as well, especially the Keyword that is popular And have a higher search rate such as Computer, Football, will have a higher price than the keywords that people do not search, such as Horseshoes etc. click here.slotxo